Don’t over eat by doing these things

Did you know that Thanksgiving Day, most people will eat at least 4500 calories?

Eating an additional 3500 calories over what your body burns in a day will lead to gaining 1 pound, and I’ll tell you it won’t be a pound of muscle from lifting the fork or wine glass to your mouth.

So here are a few tips on how to control overeating this holiday season

  1. Track your food.

    I know you’re probably rolling your eyes, but if you tracked how much you ate in one Thanksgiving meal, you would quickly put down that gravy ladle. Most dishes are packed with sodium and fat from butter. Just being aware of how much you are consuming will help you hopefully limit some, maybe just even a couple hundred calories. Have some stuffing or gravy, but have some of that kale salad and raw veggies before you dive in to the rest.

  2. Don’t distract yourself with eating

    There are a few reasons we will unmindfully pick up and fill up a plate and eat without thinking.

    (1) We are at a party and feel social awkward. It’s not awkward if I’m not talking if I have food in my mouth. True! But it’s also very counterproductive to your health. Try striking up conversations. Think of 3 topics of conversational pieces you can bring up with people to start up conversations. It’s a great way to keep your mouth talking instead of eating.

    (2) It’s there, so I must eat it. You know there’s that family member that makes you feel guilty if you don’t eat even if you’re stuffed? That becomes subconscious over time. If we are offered food, then we must eat or the other will get offended. It’s up to you to learn how to say no and listen to if you are really hungry and listen when you are already full.

    (3) Dehydration, stress or exhaustion. When your body is dehydrated for whatever reason, or you’re just tired from working hard and partying hard, your body can create hunger sensations to try to get you to slow down and drink water or sleep. But we tend to pick up food instead.

    (4) You've been starving all day and this is your first chance to eat. Sometimes you get busy and don’t eat. When you finally do get to eat, you tend to over eat. So I suggest keeping around snack bars and healthier options you can have before getting to the party. There’s nothing wrong with nibbling on some fresh fruits and veggies while you’re getting ready for the party.

  3. Don’t forget why we are celebrating the holidays

    Thanksgiving was a way to give thanks for those around us, being thankful for our family, being grateful we have food we are able to eat, and cheering to our health. Christmas was originally the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus. Somehow it all turned into focusing on gifts, food, and over indulging. Instead of focusing the holidays around the food, try to focus the holidays around what’s most important: FAMILY and FRIENDS.


This Holiday Season, have your cake but eat some kale with it, too! Your body will thank you for it!

Rest up and get in your workouts!