I heard in my audio book, You Are A Badass at Making Money, the other day that really made a light bulb go off. It went something like this: words are as powerful as a river. Over time, they have the power to create groves as big as the Grand Canyon.

So what 2 words am I talking about that hold us back?


You know what I mean, *|FNAME|*. There are times people try to help you, or you read something in a book that you have heard before, or just generally you know something that will help you but you haven't done it. And you snap back with "I know."

I know that already. I know I should be doing this, or doing that to make more money and live my dream life.

Yet, you're not doing just that - living your dream life swimming in piles of money.

Trust me, I get it! I was the most stubborn of them all growing up and into my early adulthood. Then I realized when I actually took peoples' good advice, my life started to change!

So I want you to stop saying "I know" and start saying "yes, you're right" and take action.

The only time you can say I know is when you're saying "I know I am a badass" or "I know I am worthy of great things."

Can you do that for me? No, actually do it for you!

I know you are a badass,


Success & Lifestyle Coach

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