Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day in the U.S. All the BBQ, fireworks and friends around is always a great ole American way to celebrate our freedom.

Let's not forget that day back in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed, our founding fathers didn't know what the U.S. would be like 241 years later. All they knew is that they fought to give the United States freedom to be it's own country.

Many people dream big! Big dreams are what made this country and our world the way it is now. Without big dreams, we wouldn't have freedom, big buildings, fancy cars, and great designer clothes.

Dreaming big isn't just about getting the things by earning them, it could be as simple as recognition. We have our independence and freedom not necessarily because we just earned it, but because we recognize it!

What in your life have you forgotten to recognize, or that you felt you haven't earned but yet you have it? Time to start accepting your independence as a human being, recognizing that you have the freedom to accept the things you have (even if you "don't deserve it"), because you do deserve it. You have the will to start receiving and recognizing your worthiness in this world.

Once you accept the good things coming to you, you're ready to dream even bigger.

You are worthy of it all,


Success & Lifestyle Coach 

P.S. If you want to share anything with me, I am just a reply away. I am here to support you in your drive to live an amazing life. I hope to hear from you soon!