This weekend I watched the movie Trolls with some friends. If you haven’t seen it, I totally recommend checking it out. It’s not just for kids, it has some amazing life lessons in the movie that touched my soul. I’ll be totally transparent, this movie made me tear up more than once because I related to it so much!

Have you seen it? Can you relate to it, too?

In the movie, the big mean Bergens (the monstrous villains) go through their life thinking they’re only happy when they eat a Troll. They consumed their lives around this ritual of eating innocent, happy Trolls because they never thought happiness could exist outside this ritual. 

Do you feel like you’re not completely happy right now? Maybe you feel like something is missing. Or maybe you have the things in your life that you thought were going to make you happy, but you’re still unfulfilled because other people have put it in your mind that this is the way life is supposed to be.

Have you lost touch of what it is that truly lights you up, and you’re ready for a change?

I remember when I was a just like a Bergen in the movie, thinking that the only thing that would make me happy was having a good education, a job that made lots of money, and a good looking man with a good job. These things were my Troll - I just had to have them in my life otherwise I wasn’t going to be happy. And since I didn’t have those things all at once, I just never felt completely happy… until I found this vital secret to happiness (I’ll get to that in a second, I promise).

One of the Trolls’ characters said this, which made my ears perk up, “Happiness is inside everyone. Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it.” 

Go look in the mirror. That someone starts with YOU!

You do have everything that you need, and more great things are on the way to you. I know it. I believe it! I believe that is why you’re reading this email right now. You’re here for a reason.

So here’s my big secret - the vital secret to happiness. 

You can have all of the things you desire and dream of, but there is something that you need to do, right now, in order to reach your ultimate dream life. Something that you can start doing today that will get you so much closer to your vision.

Be happy and grateful now!

Maybe it’s not really a secret. Maybe you knew this, but you just forgot about it or it just didn’t work in the past.

If you’re not happy and not grateful for the things you have now, you are then putting out negative vibrations and feelings out into the Universe. Negative thoughts and feelings are only going to attract other negative thoughts and feelings.

Michael J. Losier defines the Law of Attraction: “I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy, and focus to, whether positive or negative.”

So, you might be asking, “but how do I put more attention, energy and focus on the positive?”

Well, I’m glad you asked….

Here’s how to start. 

Know that you have the ability to…

  • Change your thought process and replace negative with positive
  • Embrace the quirks and “odd things” about yourself that make you unique.
  • Be grateful for the things you have right now, even the little things like having a job, a roof over your head, your health, the air you breathe - the things we take for granted daily.
  • Figure out what you really want out of life and do more of that shit.
  • Choose who you spend time with.

And all of these choices add up to how you put positive back into the Universe. No one wants to attract negative things into their life, so why make choices that do just that?

Starting today, I challenge you to...

  • Recognize when negative thoughts creep in, and immediately replace them with a positive opposing thought.
  • Love yourself just the way you are (make that your mantra for the week - “I love myself”).
  • Start a gratitude journal and at the end of every day write down 5 things that you are grateful for that day. If you’re not sure where to start, start with one person, one thing, one place, one food item or meal, and one feeling.
  • Start a dream board with pictures or words of things that you envision in your life that you want and start making choices that get you closer to your dreams.
  • Re-evaluate the top 5 people in your life that you spend the most time with. Keep only those around that serve your life and lift you up, and also be that person that lifts others up.

When I started to do all of these things, my life shifted in a big way. I want you to feel that same shift in your life, too.

If you find yourself saying, “but I already know this, tell me something I don’t know” (I used to say this a lot) I want you to stop and check yourself. Did you not know that this very phrase will serve you in a way that leads you down a path of unhappiness?

I want you to change this destructive thought into, “what can I learn from this?” because I guarantee you if you’re not living your dream life now, then there is something you can learn from applying these actions, starting now.

I believe in you,


(CPT, FNS, CES, RYT-200)
Success & Lifestyle Coach

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