Do you desire to quit your 9-5 corporate job? Then you'll love this story (and please excuse any typos because I'm super excited while writing this email to you).

It starts about 6 months ago when I finally said "enough is enough, this is not the life I dreamed of living."

That's when I starting manifesting... HARD.

I spent countless hours reading, watching webinars, filling out workbooks, watching inspirational videos, hired a coach - you name it, I was doing it.

6 months later, almost to date, I walked into my bosses office and said "I'm ready to move on." It was the scariest thing I have done in a long time. And it was the most freeing thing I've done in a long time!

Do you desire to do the same? Keep reading.

This is how all the magic happened.

My coaching business has been something I have been growing on the side for some time. I started investing in it back in December, with the desire to make it full-time one day. I knew it would be a process to get there, and wow have I come a long way in 6 months!

During the process, I kept hearing "don't quit your day job just yet, grow your business first before you take that leap."

I just didn't want to listen. I was ready to go but knew I needed more time for my coaching business to flourish. I was feeling stressed, irritated, and just down right unhappy with my corporate job. I knew there was more to life than sitting behind this desk every day. I started teaching Yoga in March. Wow, how much I love working with others and sharing the gift of Yoga. It reminded me of the summers I spent teaching bootcamps in the park. So fulfilling!

Do you desire more, too? Maybe you just want to feel fulfilled in what you do now. Maybe you are where you are now because you stopped listening to you heart. You have this idea of what your dream life looks like, and you're ready to go after it.

I was just like this, too, Liz!

So I started to ask the Universe for help. I wanted to be happy - to start living a happy, fulfilled life, and I wanted to start making more money. It was almost like I was yelling, "Give me more Yoga opportunities. Let me do what I love while I'm still building my coaching business. Please help!"

Once I started to ask for a change, doors started to open. Other job opportunities came up. Jobs that really allowed me to do what I love in the fitness business. It's scary to leave something that you've ben so comfortable with for a long time - 5 years for me at my corporate job.

The thing is after putting in my notice, I got offered a HUGE raise to stay. I'm talking a 25% raise - HUGE. It was very enticing and I had to think on it. I asked the Universe once again for help, and every sign pointed to DON'T TAKE IT. Because after all, I did ask the Universe for happiness first, money second.

(There's me not being specific again!)

I didn't recognize the signs at first. It started with sharing my story with others and them supporting me with their kind words of encouragement. Then, my life and biz coach said something to me that really took me back to really think about my life. A few days went by and my boss did something deceitful that made me re-evaluate working for the company. During a guided meditation the day before I had to make the final decision, the words in the meditation pulled me away from the money and toward happiness.

And finally the last straw and my tipping point in making my decision. That morning before I walked into my boss's office, I read a chapter in one of Oprah's books talked about her taking a leap of faith into the unknown when she was younger. With others telling her she would fail making a huge change in her career, she still took the leap knowing that she had to take the risk because she needed it.

Thank you, Universe! I finally had my answer. Sorry it took several attempts for me to open my eyes!

And now, I start training for a new job in two weeks. Two days before I made the decision (and now that i think of it, another sign from the Universe), I had someone reach out to me from a fitness studio wanting to know if I was interested in being a fitness coach for them.

Hello! Umm... yes please!

So yesterday was a big day. I finally quit my corporate job! It was everything that I ever hoped it would be!

I shared a video about this story in my Facebook group. We started talking about Law of Attraction the last few days.

If you have ever read or hear of the book called The Secret, or interested in manifesting or Law of Attraction, jump in my group by clicking here and join in!

We are going to spend the next few weeks on this topic and this group is there to support like-minded individuals just like you who want to make changes in their life to find their inner badass. Share anything on any topic you want, ask questions, and most of all know that you are a badass!

Happiness is a choice,


(CPT, FNS, CES, RYT-200)
Success & Lifestyle Coach

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