I can’t believe it is already May. A third of the year has passed and it seems like only last week I was thinking of how to make 2017 a great new start - for my relationships, for my money, and for my career.

How have you made 2017 your badass year?

The one MAJOR thing I worked on this year was my relationship with my money - a double whammy! After the heart wrenching breakup in 2015, left broke, alone, and homeless, I wanted to break up with my checkbook, sell everything I had left (not much) and run off to a deserted island. BUT we all know that just isn’t a really smart thing to do. Plus, I really like running water!

So I started working with my life coach to really create a great relationship with my money and I want to share some of that with you! 

The biggest change I made was thinking more positively about money - revamping my money story. It may seem so simple (and I thought I was doing just fine), but we don’t realize that the way we talk about our money takes away from creating positive vibrations to attract more money.

So here it is.

Change your thoughts and your language around your money. One of the things I got rid of was the word “budget.” I now call it my “money flow.” Feel out the words that you use around your money. 

Stop telling people you’re too broke when you don’t have the money to spend on something you don’t need. Let them know that is not something you want to do, but you don’t have to tell them “I’m broke” or “I’m poor” because you’re really not. 

You just choose to spend your money buying groceries and paying your rent. That’s called being an adult and should be praised instead of thought of as a pain in the ass. Because have a roof over your head and food in your mouth are blessings in your life that some people in this world can only dream about.

What other things do you say when it comes to money? When you say “bills”, what emotions come up? I used to be like “great, have to pay another outrageous bill for my phone.” But what blessing is it to be able to pick up this handheld device and call anyone in the world, or click on the Facebook app and say hi to your bestfriend that is in Australia. It is a blessing and should be thought of that way from now on.

This may sound a little bat-shit crazy to you (or maybe not), but I promise you that you will feel a difference in the way you feel about money. And you’ll start seeing money and gifts come your way. I have no idea how really it works, but it does. 

When you send out positive energy, you get positive energy back. I remember the first week I started to do this, little things happened to me. Someone offered me a free lemonade in the drive thru for no reason. I found $20 in an old pair of jeans. Someone bought me lunch out of the blue. And these things keep on happening, even now months later!

Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe I have put out positive vibrations into the Universe and these serendipitous events is the Universe’s way of telling me to keep up the good work! Either way, I’m in and I’m not turning back.

Why not try it? What can you lose by making a few small shifts?

Exactly.... Nothing!

So go out there, and make some positive energy that will surround your money story and create more wealth just by seeing what’s in front of you.

Way to grow,


(CPT, FNS, CES, RYT-200)
Success & Lifestyle Coach

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