Hi my name is Liz Javier and I'm a yoga instructor, personal trainer and life coach for men and women in their 20s and 30s who are ready to up-level their lives through fitness, nutrition, personal development or a combination of all of these. I coach individuals who want to feel more free in their life to make confident and courageous choices in their career and personal life today. It is my unique ability to support you in shifting your mindset, creating balance, and finding happiness in your everyday life so you can be come unstoppable career-driven individual or business owner you've always wanted to be.

I know what it's like to work 60-70 hour work weeks, juggling multiple jobs and still barely making ends meet. I'd commute to a job that stressed me out, undervalued me, and didn't allow me to reveal my true potential only to work an evening job and come home too stressed and too tired to cook. And the gym? What's that?! There just wasn't enough time to do the things I wanted to do, and barely enough money to support the lifestyle I truly desired.

I'd always had a passion for fun, fitness and freedom. I dreamed of a lifestyle where I wold wake up on my own schedule, spend the morning working out or practicing yoga before heading to a job that lit me up. But the multiple jobs I was juggling and networking marketing business I tried to get off the ground left me uninspired, broke, and tired.

There came a point in my life where I believed my dream life just wasn't available to me.

Can you relate?

Living life like this, I was only making someone else tons of money at the cost of my time, my friends, my family, my health, and my happiness!

I was so lost!  I felt so stuck!  

It took me over a decade to figure out that I no longer want to make someone else money. I finally realized that it was the time for me to create my own financial abundance... and put myself, my dreams, and my desires first before I hit another melting point. 

I always wondered,

"Is there more to life other than working 60-70 hours a week only to live paycheck to paycheck?"

Let me tell you, there IS more to life than using all of your energy making someone else millions of dollars, only to walk away with a small paycheck and a chip on your shoulder. It is time for you to grab the bull by the horns and live like a badass that you are! Take your life back and and start living the happy life you have always dreamed of living!

I did just this and not even a year later, I am working as a yoga and fitness instructor as well as a life coach. These are my dreams I carried around for years, and I'm still in awe that I'm living them! Everything has finally aligned and there are so many more great things to come for me and for you.

And that's where I come in. It's my passion to help you find whatever you need, as you align with your true desires and finally create the life you've always wanted. I work with individuals just like you who feel lost and confused, that want to find their strengths and expertise to establish a life full of abundance in her career and personal life to create a life that she is in love with! I am here to empower men and women to thrive in their business and their life, and nothing excited me more than doing this work all day every day.

You see, I was just like you until I invested in a coach. I used to think only celebrities had access to a balanced life where they created their own schedule, did yoga on the beach, made money in their sleep, and worked from their laptop. But here's what you should know - it's possible for you to find your path in life, live your purpose, and do the work that inspires you as you make an impact of lives every single day of your life.

I discovered that you don't have to work your ass off building someone else's dreams to get by in life. You're actually meant to thrive in your own!

And it's my gift to support INDIVIDUALS just like you in creating their dream life, too.

I would have never thought a year ago that I had what it takes to get to the point where I am now. And all of that was possible because I found my success coach who helped me figure out how to overcome fear and have more courage to live out all of my desires and dreams.

And you know what? You have what it takes to make all of that possible, too! You can find the courage to step into the spotlight now and shine. 

I share my story to show you that all of this is possible, and all of this - you can have now! You have already waited to live the life that was meant for you, why wait any longer?

I have found my passion in supporting men and women just like you who are ready to live their dream life with a successful career and personal life by showing you that you are a badass. Right now! I am truly passionate about helping you achieve your dreams by doing more of the things that you love!  I want to help you find our ultimate freedom - that feeling that nothing can stop you from doing the things you love.

A monotonous but busy life can be exhausting, stressful, and can eat away at your inner being. I've been there and it has caused my stress level to climb to unbelievable levels! To the point of mental breakdown. I will tell you more about that. [Read More...]

There is only one question left to ask...

Are you ready to start living your dream life?

I give you permission to step out of your unfulfilling life and step into the life you deserve!

Imagine 4 months from now, the difference you can make in yourself to become the best version of yourself that you dreamed of when you were a child or teenager.  Our imaginations when we are young are so amazing and uninhibited!  Think of what you wanted to be when you grew up. Our imaginations allowed us to dream up all sorts of scenarios, like our cardboard spaceship launching out of our backyard and landing on Mars. You are still allowed to dream just like you did when you were young! The only difference now is that you can dream bigger! You have much more knowledge now, and more resources available to you.

Your dreams are never far fetched.  You have the tools to build a dream life without boundaries!  I can show you how!