• Revamp your way of thinking around your health.

  • Become more knowledgeable about how nutrition and fitness can fit into your life.

  • Create a meal plan based on the right macronutrient plans catered toward your goals.

  • Find a detox that works for your body type and lifestyle to jump start new goals.

  • Get accountability to get into the gym and get your burn on!

Maybe you've tried doing it alone or with some help, and just haven't found something that works for you! Let's be real for a minute. It's not about a short term battle to lose 10, 20 or even 100 pounds. It's about creating a healthy life until the day we die. And you have the control to decide if that day will be when you are 65 or 105 by choosing the right health options for you TODAY!

Week 1: Course Expectations, Life Balancing Survey, Creating Your Purpose Statement & 3 New Habits.

  • What to expect over the next 8 weeks and what you should expect from yourself.

  • Evaluate your life to balance your work life, home life, and personal needs.

  • Learn to delegate.

  • Creating 3 new habits you can start right away: food logging, reading your purpose statement every day and night, and schedule/prioritize it (work, workouts, personal time, social time, meal prep time, etc).

Week 2: Nutrition & Fitness - How It Works

  • Macro nutrition: looking at food logs from last week. Learn how many carbs, fat, protein, sodium, sugar and fiber should be in your diet.

  • Get a healthy option food list of each of the important macros to fit into your new healthy lifestyle.

  • Defining your health and what that means to you.

  • Science behind health (calories burned vs calories consumed, EPOC)

  • Creating new habits: pick 2 areas of your nutrition that need the most help, schedule workouts for next 8 weeks, looking at nutrition labels.

Week 3: Creating Your Own "Fad Diet"

  • Find a cleanse that is right for you.

  • Find your "trigger foods" and control them.

  • Why we crave different foods.

  • Create your own fad that works for you!

  • How to stop "treating yourself" and allowing "cheat days".

Week 4: Creating SMART Goals

  • Define goals for the next 90 days.

  • Define your Ultimate Goal.

  • How to achieve your goals in 90 days.

  • Create daily reminders.

Week 5: Reverse Engineering Your SMART Goals

  • Reverse engineer to define the right goal.

  • Figure out what tools you need to successfully reach this goal.

  • Defining fears and the sources.

Week 6: Keeping Focus/Catch Up Week

  • Sticking with your decisions and goals.

  • Getting accountability partners (family, friends, coworkers) to support your decisions and goals.

  • Evaluate the work you put in over the last 3 weeks and discuss with your Nutrition Coach.

  • Find areas of improvement.

  • Define your fears and what has kept you from success in the past.

Week 7: Create Consistency: Recognize Thought Patterns

  • Turn off negative thinking

  • Turn on positive thinking

Week 8: Creating Forever Success

  • Keeping a success mindset.

  • Keys to staying consistent.

  • Game plan to continue taking action.

  • Building your support.

Other materials you will need:

  • A binder (if you print out all of the worksheets) or a notepad/notebook.

  • 2 Personal Development books from my reading list.

    • The Big Leap by Gay Hendrix (Required)

    • Pick one of the following:

      • You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

      • Mind Hacking by John Hargrave

      • The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

      • Confidence Code by Katty Kay & Sandy Rustin (female driven)

  • A Facebook account to join the group Facebook support page.

  • Lots of post-it notes.

  • Dry erase marker.

  • Dry erase board (optional)

  • 4 hours minimum per week to do homework and self-work.

  • A positive "go get 'em" attitude and the will to want to take control of your life!

You will get all of the information above delivered to you via web recording with worksheets to guide you along the way. Along with that, you will have unlimited email access to me through the 8-weeks where you can ask questions, get non-biased insight on different challenges you are facing, and accountability emails from me based on your needs.



Receive a FULL comprehensive list of recommended readings and books that changed my life.


My welcome packet is designed to clarify goals in different aspects of your life before we start our coaching sessions. Get results before we even start!


Access to a private community of like minded individuals to offer support and encouragement on your health journey.


You get two, 30-minute phone sessions with Liz to help you with throughout the 8 weeks.


You will receive a discounted rate of $40 per 30-minute session (normally $60) or $70 for a 60-minute session (normally $110) to add on to your program. This can be done beforehand or during the program at upon request if time is available. Any additional sessions may also be used for up to 6 months after the program ends.




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