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Bachelor's in Business Marketing



Certified Personal Trainer, NASM, 2013-Current

Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM, 2014

Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM, 2014

RYT-200, CorePower Yoga, Austin, Texas, 2016

OTFit Certification, OrangeTheory Fitness, 2017

Sculpt Yoga, CorePower Yoga, Austin, Texas, 2017

I'm Liz!  Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

Moving to Austin when I was 26, I had the dream of finding more opportunities, better jobs and more money. What I found was more competition and employers looking for experienced workers in their fields.  I found a corporate job working at a bank. 5 years later at 32 years old, I was still working at the bank I started with, doing the same old things and getting the same results. I loved the people I work with, but I was left feeling unfulfilled because I was not living out my destiny. There I was sitting, struggling with piles of debt and yearning for more in a career, wanting to travel, and have a better life in general!

I also felt that my lack of success was also spilling into my relationships.  One of my relationships that crumbled before us because of this very reason left me with some deep, dark feelings. Then I realized that my unfulfilled life was the problem, leaving me unhappy and unsure of myself. Neither one of us necessarily did anything wrong, we just didn't have the glue to keep it all together. That's when I decided that it was time to knock down any possible barriers that was keeping me from having an amazing life and even an amazing romantic relationship.

When I decided that I needed to give it all I got to have the life I want, I realized:

  • I need to feel fulfilled, I needed to be full in my heart in every aspect of my life.

  • Working in the corporate world comes with a glass ceiling that would not give me the opportunity to create the endless success I craved.

  • It was time to make money for me, and not someone else.

  • I have to take care of myself and think about my mental health by making sure that I am creating the world around me that is healthy and happy!

Single, lost, and in massive credit card debt, I started working on developing my character to really find out what I want to do to serve others in the world. I spent a whole year with my head in Personal Development books, taking Online seminars on mindset, and even taking a Yoga Teacher Training course to explore spirituality and different areas that interested me. I also spent so much time researching coaches and contemplated hiring one for a long time.

Some days I would feel so sorry for myself, it hurt to think that I had felt like such a failure. What I didn't realize is all I needed to do was accept all the things in the past and move forward. When I did that, I no longer felt like a failure. Going forward, I accepted myself completely no matter what!

But there was still more that needed to be done otherwise I am just stuck in a cycle of same results every day.  I always knew there was more opportunity out there to grow and become something more.  I was determined to go back to being the driven woman that I was at 26 years old who has big dreams to help people and be happy.  I needed confidence and courage, and I needed it to be genuine.

"Courage is the ability to do the things that are uncertain."

----- Mel Robbins

So I started to think more like a winner and took the leap into the uncertain of getting into the fitness and yoga industry, and starting my own life coaching business. It has been a rollercoaster trying to figure out what it is I could do that would allow me to help people, make a solid, abundant income that would allow me to travel whenever I wanted, and that reached people globally. 

I started to take back control of my life and my dreams.

I had so many moments of high anxiety with my job as things became more demanding and the environment changing.  I did something I wish I could have done a long time ago. I invested what money I could scrape up and invested in myself. My life changed dramatically and my life situations improved. I worked on creating an amazing mindset about being a yoga and fitness instructor, my life coaching business, my relationship with money and my life; and within weeks I started teaching yoga and fitness classes and started my own business.

6 months I quit my corporate job!

Now, I support individuals who want to get the most out of life through my life and nutrition coaching programs. They desire freedom of schedule and the time and financial ability to feel good about life, have more energy, create sustainable healthy lifestyles, travel more and have more successful relationships.

You can do it, too!  If someone who thought she was worthless, crying herself to sleep every night, and didn't believe in herself a few years ago can do it, you can do it, too! (I'm talking about me!)

What I want is for you to make the decision to do something now to turn your struggle into ease of mind and success.  After going through what I have with the depression and anxiety with my job, I want everyone to know that it's okay to leave that all behind and build something beautiful.  Find the power within yourself to be courageous and live out loud!  No more living paycheck to paycheck and missing out on opportunities.  Now I am on my way to feeling more and more financially secure and fulfilled.

This all happened because I decided to take action for the sake of salvaging my dreams and refused to be held down any longer.  I refused to settle for an average life and I want you to make the decision, just as I did to chase your dreams instead of letting them fade away.

What I am trying to tell you is that you should start now!  Don't you owe it to yourself to give it everything you've got and to not do it alone?  I will give you all of the tools and resources, and all of the methods that I have used to creating my whole new life within 90 days.

Don't wait any longer to start feeling free in your own life! Book a free clarity call with me to find out how I can help you find the dream life you've been wanting!

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